Zumba Gold – Toning


When it comes to getting in shape, Zumba® Toning raises the bar (or rather the toning stick) with a class designed for the more hardcore Zumba participant. It combines targeted body-sculpting exercises and high-energy cardio work with Latin-infused Zumba moves to create a calorie-burning, strength-training dance fitness-party. Students learn how to use lightweight, maraca-like Toning Sticks to enhance rhythm and tone all their target zones, including arms, abs and thighs. Zumba® Toning is the perfect way for enthusiasts to sculpt their bodies naturally while having a total blast!

If you haven’t tried this type of dance workout yet then you owe it to yourself to give it a try. What you will find is that it is more like being at a swanky nightclub rather than an exercise class.

It is highly recommended that you have taken 5 or more Zumba or Zumba Gold classes before signing up for Zumba Toning. For exceptions, please contact Jo-Anne.

Reaching! Prep for Zumba toning
Reaching! Prep for Zumba toning