Nordixx Pole Walking

Walk with the Nordixx Walking Poles! ~ The smarter Way to Walk!

For Fitness and Wellness
Nordic Pole Walking uses 90% of your muscles, is more effective than regular Walking. Increase your Cardio Training and Strengthen all body muscles with this one exercise.

For Therapy
Nordic Pole Walking has been proven by worldwide scientific and clinical studies to deliver therapeutic benefits for various health issuers and Chronic Diseases.

For Rehabilitation
Nordic Pole Walking has become an effective tool in cardiovascular, orthopaedic and cancer rehab. Nordixx Walking  Poles instantly improves Balance, Stability and Walking Gait.

Health Benefits of Nordic Pole Walking Indoors or Outdoors

  • weight loss
  • eliminate back
  • shoulder and neck pain
  • can significantly lower blood sugar levels and high blood pressure
  • less impact on knee and hip joints

Want to learn how to effectively use them?
Connect with me : or call 519-566-6835
Classes starting in January on Saturdays indoors.
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